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How did Julius Caesar affect Rome Research Paper

How did Julius Caesar affect Rome - Research Paper Example This allowed Caeser to have an immense number of supporters during his leadership in Rome.From Inter-Connect Universe (2011), Caesar was involved in the renovation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Caeser went ahead and transformed Italy into one province thereby linking all the provinces to one central province. However, the prize was no longer the opportunity to further advance one’s career through even more illustrious service to Rome ; it was, instead, the power to make Rome accept the terms on which one justified one’s power (Griffin M, 205). Through this problem, of social wars that was present several years back was addressed. Individuals who were non Romans were able to get full citizenship and become Romans. Only when once power became concentrated under one man did concern for Rome’s overall urban image begin to be addressed (Galinsky, 235).Caeser appointed new senators who became subservient to him.

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